Bitech Company offers advanced services and solutions that improve efficiency and optimize business processes by applying the latest technologies

Contact Center Inbound

Support services are provided based on end customer contact,completed using various technologies provided by Client: telephone, fax, e-mail, sms, etc.

To this category belong all customer support activities with the objective of satisfying, giving adequate answers to the requests, demands and questions raised, eliminating waiting time and minimizing inefficiencies.

Customer Care: is a fundamental activity of relationship with the end customer. It implies proactive and effective interventions in various issues involved in the process, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and  loyalty.

We offer excellent services thanks to our team of professionals specializing in providing information on any problem our interlocutor may face.

Contact Center OutBound

Debt recovery procedure “extra-judicial” avoids increased costs and time through legal means, but requires cooperation debtor. Our company will try to agree a repayment plan with the debtor, through letters and phone calls.

Bitech srl Company operates under a strict schedule:

  1. Letters of request: it summons the debtor to pay the amount due (showing the amount due, interest and penalties), informing him that his file will also be entrusted to a company specializing in debt recovery.
  2. Request telephone: telephone operator will request payment (via fax, sms and / or e-mai) trying to solve any dispute. Management recoverability is provided by our telephone consultants who are trained in order to develop personal and professional skills by the best experts in communication and legal issues.

This service is carried out in various stages of intervention, depending on the age, type and nature of the claim.


Bitech Company Srl owns the complete system for defining, managing and reporting teleselling campaigns, telemarketing and reservations management.

– We offer clients the professionalism and experience, two elements necessary and indispensable in the field of marketing and distance selling.

– Activities are carried out depending on the type of goods or services that will be proposed.

Staff responsible for Teleselling is prepared, in collaboration with the company – clients, to ensure the maximum efficiency of each contact.

– Teleselling activities can be associated with other activities such as telemarketing and/or mailing, prior telephone contact.

– Telemarketing is an effective tool for the promotion of companies and their products are geared directly to the reference target category and with immediate feedback.

– Current market demands require special operations, for starting a new business, launching a new product or service.

– Our marketing consultants can follow step by step the development of the custom of each client, based on a thorough market study, involving data collection from all major companies.

– Immediate functionality of each study and the opportunity to work on large samples are amongs the advantages of working with Bitech Company Srl.

– The entire activity is statistically processed by highly advanced systems managed online through our Extranet.

Advanced Services Data Entry and Back Office offered mainly to companies or economic entities that need to manage large amounts of information in a short time.

This work, by using advanced technology media, is an articulated work process whose objective is the transformation of information, including those printed on paper, electronically, the result materializing into a database that has  complex and professional management possibilities.

Data entry services, from paper documents to images with a high standard of safety and precision, both in reception and processing.

For over 10 years we are developing internal software programs that provide multiple levels of verification by issuing lots of control reports.

Data security is a restricted access system and monitored by backup processes (restoration and recovery documents) and mirroring (data synchronization). Entering information in the databases can be made both online and through stand alone procedure.

Contact Center Inbound

Contact Center OutBound