Good morning, I am calling from the callcenter!


Good morning, I am calling from the callcenter!

Every day thousands of operators run across telephonic conversations by different types of people and situations but only a part of them succeed in giving a positive outcome to the call, reaching the fixed goal. It is well known by the Bitech operators that in their different call center’s activities, who every day strive trying to make their actions more profitable as possible. Some Bitech TL shared with us their point of view in order to provide a clearer overview of the subject.

While it looks like a temporary job for students and youngsters it is actually imposing as a big job reality where people approach not only part-time, for a restricted period of their life, but sometimes also with long-lasting implications and with interesting growth perspectives.

It is Bratu Nicoleta-Andreea case, Bitech’s Solicit TL, who chose this job because she considers it flexible, dynamic and believes that, by demonstrating commitment and responsibility, there are big growth opportunities. In fact it is a growing business; just think that many situations are entirely managed by the call center. In few seconds operators can give us information, solve a problem but also solicit an unpaid invoice or sell contracts or objects that could change our lives or that probably we will never use. Being able to set up a telephonic conversation allows one to successfully conclude any talk whether it is a debt collection, telemarketing or surveys. To do all of this it is necessary for the operator to be able to deal with the telephonic conversation. The ingredients for success are self trust, surely a cardinal point of this job, a fair disposition and a kind but firm tone of voice, which will transmit to whom is listening on the other side of the handset the idea of willpower and stability. A subtle and uncertain voice will lead the interlocutor to take the reins of the conversation so not only will it be impossible to control it, to direct it toward a positive outcome but it will run the risk of weakening and damaging the image and credibility of the company.

Sometimes it can happen that the self-confidence dose, missing at the beginning of the way, could grow with time. This issue is supported by Nicoletta’s words, saying that working in a call center, over the years you become more patient and learn to listen in order to understand more about the person with whom you engage in dialogue and, as every job, also this commitment can -in some way- change the character and manners of a person, making him/her more confident once the required knowledge and skills have been acquired. In addition to self-confidence, tone of voice is needed to focus on the skill of being able to play with words trying to be as clear as possible, using simple terms, focused and professional. An appropriate approach to each profile allows one to understand the reason of the call but also to perceive the competence and the dedication of the operator. Trying to build a dialogue and not a monologue, focusing on a fair exchange of information to catch the interlocutor attention, Sitaru Alexandru Romeo, debt collection TL, says that even in a very tough division like debt collection, there are opportunities for phone call success but only if, in addition to demonstrating reliability, you involve the interlocutor in the conversation.

In order to be clear and hit the target we must learn to listen, grasp the many shades of a conversation because sometimes you can use them and then easily take advantage of the information provided in real time, thus giving the impression to the other party to be very interested in the conversation interacting with clever questions and not just proposing phrases from scripts. In absorbing the customer input the answers will be in tune with his or her preferences. Listening carefully you can either convince the customer to pay a bill or be able to sell a product to someone, because with talking we were able to highlight a need that we can meet, this is the answer of Marius Cosmin Popescu, Ko TL, to the question: “do you think is easier to sell a product or recover a claim?”.

We must never start a conversation without being fully prepared, not knowing how to respond or provide a comprehensive answer can give a negative outcome to our work. A customer who calls, when the call is held, expects accurate information or at least does not want to perceive the other side’s insecurity. Even admitting you do not have the time to give confirmations but to provide short answers can be rated as a responsible and professional attitude. We are not born learned, skills and abilities are acquired with time, it is important to equip ourselves of will, patience, and why not, even fancy that can help us finding the valid arguments for not allowing the customer to put the phone down and, finally, never forget the component LUCK!

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