Why choose us ?

Bitech Company is a provider of Business Process Outsourcing Services and it offers services that help design, manage and increase the value of your enterprise, the main aim being to increase business volume and reduce operating costs instead.

Customers have many expectations, want their work to be carried out normally, without difficulties and bottlenecks and when problems arise, seek quick solutions, simple and reasonably priced. All this might seem easy to put into practice, but it is not. Therefore, outsourcing of manufacturing activities and services to a competent,effective and expert company, as Bitech Company, could be the solution.


Competence and satisfaction

Through our solutions and Business Process Outsourcing Call Center we offer:

Competence; Experience; Efficiency; Reducing Operational Costs.

Our suggested solutions focus on effective operational management, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Choosing a suitable partner in outsourcing and call center industry is of fundamental and strategic relevance, because you will be assured of an efficient and quality service.

The cost reduction is the main reason why a company wants outsourcing some activities, but without losing sight of efficiency, competence and quality of service. Therefore, cooperation with Bitech Company will be held in maximum cost transparency, leading to efficiency and thus to increase profits for our customers.

We offer benefits to the highest standards, thanks to the latest technology, experience in communication and efficiency of the suggested procedures.

Our first goal is the correct management of production processes and the company’s activities and this is the main way to get more satisfaction from the customer and a considerable reduction in operating costs.

What are our objectives?

1. Increase customer satisfaction and optimizing the experience in any field of work, and;
2. Reducing management costs yet providing an accurate, efficient management of them.
3. To become an indispensable partner for the development and effectiveness of our customers.