Reserved Area

Call center

Our operational capacity results from the administration and coordination of the two offices in Romania, in Bucharest and since 2007 in Moldova, in Chisinau.

Technological capacity

Human resources and technological capacity, together with an experience of 14 years, both in the local market than in international markets, are our success guarantee.


Efficiency and timeliness in providing our Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Center allowed us to consolidate the long-term business relationships with our customers.

Last News

Bitech to find solutions for "E-credit by Cetelem"
2015-02-19 17:38:32
Bitech to find solutions for
June 2014 was the start date of Emag & Cetelem project; the goal of the plan being to facilitate the purchasing trough credit. In Romania, Cetelem IFN is the main player on the consumer credit marke...
Good morning, I am calling from the call center!
2013-10-21 18:22:05
Good morning, I am calling from the callcenter!
Every day thousands of operators run across telephonic conversations by different types of people and situations but only a part of them succeed in giving a positive outcome to the call, reaching the ...
 Customer doesn’t like to wait on the phone. Regardless of its prospects, no matter whether it's a new customer or an old one, often he/she does not have time and patience necessary to wait for a business to respond, much less to be placed on a long wait. Any customer wishes services fast, and someone who can help to solve problems in a timely manner. But if a business does not have enough people to provide excellent services while they are being productive at work, this can be harmful to your business.
 Let us assume the example of an online store owner. Customers places in the first place online orders, but there are buyers who ask various questions, having diverse problems and special requests, as well as purchases wholesale stages or custom controls. The team of that business must prepare and dispatch orders for that they make it in time, but productivity begins to drop at the time in which their plan is unveiling of tasks such as receiving calls and the provision of services to customers.
 If the cycle continues, the business will suffer. The solution is a professional team specialized in the provision of services to customers. In the event that a business does not have necessary resources to hire more staff, the best alternative is a call center.
 A call center provides a centralized location where agents can answer calls, takes over command, solve problems and respond to all customer inquiries, as well as acts as a dispatcher when it is necessary. A call center takes over load from the shoulders of business employees, enabling them to be more efficient and to focus their efforts on what they do best. A call center can prevent disruption of productivity and can keep your customers happy while helping your business to grow continuously.

Company Overview

Bitech Company Srl...

is a company member of the group BiTre Srl together with 3M Software Srl and Kabuto Srl that have headquarters in Italy.

It was founded in 2000 and has become an outsourcing services market leader. Bitech Company provides innovative solutions in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), in particular Contact Center services (Call Center and Back Office), guaranteeing to its customers results that will increase profitability lowering their business costs and thus will allow allocation of more resources devoted to productivity and strategic aspects of their Core Business.


On 19 June 2009 Bitech Company srl has obtained SRAL certificate, the international certificate IQNet, which show that it has implemented and maintains a quality management system for outsourcing services provided in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 standards.